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An under-the-counter water filtration system with carbon blends, redox, and a mineralizer is a cutting-edge appliance designed to provide your household with high-quality, purified drinking water right from your tap. This advanced system combines several key features to ensure your water is not only free from contaminants but also enriched with essential minerals for improved taste and health benefits.

Here’s a detailed description of this innovative water filtration system:

5 Health Benefits of Investing in Home Water Filtration Systems

1. Carbon Blend Filtration:

  • The heart of this system is its carbon blend filtration technology, which includes a combination of activated carbon and other specialized filter media. These filters are highly effective at removing common water contaminants such as chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, and bad odors, ensuring that your water tastes and smells clean and fresh.

2. Redox Filtration:

  • Redox, short for reduction-oxidation, is an integral part of this filtration system. It employs a redox reaction process to effectively reduce heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic from your water. Redox filtration also helps to inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms, ensuring your water is microbiologically safe.

3. Mineralizer:

  • To enhance the overall quality of your drinking water, this system incorporates a mineralization stage. During this phase, essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium are reintroduced into the purified water. These minerals not only improve the taste of the water but also provide potential health benefits by contributing to your daily mineral intake

The installation

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Key Features:

  • Space-Saving Design: This under-the-counter system is compact and easy to install, fitting neatly beneath your kitchen sink without taking up valuable counter space.
  • User-Friendly Controls: The system typically includes intuitive controls and an LED display for easy monitoring and maintenance.
  • Long-lasting Filters: The filters in this system have a long lifespan, reducing the frequency and cost of replacements.
  • Advanced Filtration Stages: Multiple filtration stages ensure that your water is thoroughly purified and mineralized before reaching your glass.
  • Efficient Water Usage: This system minimizes water wastage, making it an environmentally responsible choice.


  • Healthy Drinking Water: Enjoy water that not only tastes better but also supports your health by providing essential minerals.
  • Cost-Effective: With long-lasting filters and efficient operation, this system saves you money in the long run compared to buying bottled water.
  • Convenience: Access clean, purified water directly from your tap, eliminating the need for bottled water or countertop filtration pitchers.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Reduce plastic waste and lower your carbon footprint by using a reliable, home-based filtration solution.

Easy disassembLy

Your Water Filtration System can go anywhere you live

Your system is yours, you don’t have to leave it behind

Investing in an under-the-counter water filtration system with carbon blends, redox, and a mineralizer is a smart choice for those seeking convenient access to high-quality drinking water while promoting health, sustainability, and cost-efficiency in their household.

Installation is as easy 1-2-3 with any contractor or handyman.

For the under counter system and top of counter system, with the shower head combo as well.