About Us

Meet The Founder: Glenn Taylor


The pHountain brand was born from the founder’s concern for the health of his family. After several loved ones were diagnosed with cancer, he became determined to find ways to proactively prevent future health issues.

Through research, he learned that the key to preventing many diseases was to avoid putting toxins into and onto the body. The most crucial elements for survival are air, food, and water, yet these very things are often the sources of toxic exposure.

The founder was shocked to discover that tap water, which is ingested both directly and indirectly, could be a major contributor to declining health.

Despite warnings from media and health experts, a high-quality whole-house water filtration system was not yet a common solution. The founder then hired a top-level water expert to design a water filtration system that uses advanced media to remove/reduce over 280+ contaminants.

This investment was made to protect his children, family, and pets, as it ensures the quality of water they drink and bathe in, even if other factors, such as food and air, are out of control.