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Kendra R.
Port Jefferson, NY

I’ve been coming to pHountain for a year and my experience here is pleasant and the staff are knowledgeable and welcoming. My experience here has been life-changing. It has helped me with my eating and healthy lifestyle.

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Please, do not take this lightly!

It is essential to take proactive steps to ensure that the water in your home is free from contaminants and pollutants. A whole home water filtration system can provide peace of mind by removing harmful substances from your drinking water AND the water you bathe in.


Heavy Metals



why phountain?

Maintenance free

NO loss of water pressure 

Healthiest and cleanest water for you and your family

10 Year warranty

why phountain?

Maintenance free

NO loss of water pressure 

Healthiest and cleanest water for you and your family

10 Year warranty

Whole Home Water Filtration

Protect your family with a Whole Home Water Filtration System!

The Grumman Plume In Bethpage

The major aerospace corporation was aware that it was contaminating the underground water, however, with the assistance of government officials, it concealed crucial information from the public.

The quality of your drinking water is a critical factor in maintaining good health and well-being. Unfortunately, many homes in our area are at risk of consuming contaminated water. Exposure to contaminated water can lead to serious health issues such as gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, and even certain types of cancers.

Know the pHacts

Not all contaminated water is obvious, as it can be colorless, odorless and tasteless

The most common contaminants found in drinking water are bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals and metals

Installing a whole home water filtration system can remove contraminants and pollutants

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Glenn Taylor


The pHountain brand was born from the founder’s concern for the health of his family. After several loved ones were diagnosed with cancer, he became determined to find ways to proactively prevent future health issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a whole home water filtration system?

whole home filtration system is a system that filters the water that enters your home from the main water line, providing clean and filtered water to every faucet, shower, and appliance in your home.


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