Shower Head




High Pressure Shower Head, Hydro Jet Shower Head, Handheld Water Saving Filtered Showerhead with Hose for Dry Skin & Hair, 3 Modes, One Key Pause, Purifying Filtration Mineral Stone Beads

High Pressure & Water Saving: Upgraded micro-nozzle technology of the handheld filtered shower head produces fine dense and uniform water, effectively increases the speed of the water flow up to 200%, and saves water up to 30% simultaneously, providing you with a hotel-style bathing experience and very easy to clean. Comfortable ergonomic designed handle makes for ideal balance, ease of use, and lightweight in the hand.

Protect Your Skin and Hair: The powerful filtration system can remove chlorine, heavy metals (lead, mercury, nickel, chromium) and other harmful substances, contributing to healthier, smoother skin and softer, stronger hair.
Modern 3-Layer Filtration Design: By using gray red white filtration stone bead balls, filtered shower head features to Activate the PH value, Absorb heavy metals/compounds and Purify toxic and harmful metal ions and bacterial viruses. 3pcs extra Filtration Balls are prepared for you to replace every 3 months.

Flexible 3 Spray Settings: handheld shower head allows you to choose 3 spray modes by rotary switch: Rainfall, Massage & Jetting spray way. Each mode brings you and your families the best shower experience; Meanwhile, the pause switch on the nozzle handles can stop the water or adjust the water volume

Easy to Assemble & Various Accessories: The high pressure shower head comes with ten practical accessories: shower head, 59 inches stainless steel hose, adjustable bracket, 3pcs replacement filtration stones, PTFE tape, bath loofah, wall hook, scalp massager. Easy to install, the installation and removal simply take minutes to complete.


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